Friday, March 23, 2012

Shirley Yeung 'smuggles' daughter back to HK; Refuses to say who father is

Last year, Shirley Yeung dumped long time boyfriend Gregory Lee for former HK diver Andy Ng and was accused of being a two timer. She was later spotted pregnant in Los Angeles and was rumored she married Andy. Since that incident, Shirley's reputation hit rock bottom. As Andy was no where to be seen while Shirley went into labor in the US, Shirley became a single-mother and must make a comeback to earn the 'milk money'. Yesterday, Shirley carried her newborn girl Krystal on a long several hour flight back to HK with her. However because Shirley didn't have the courage to meet the press with her daughter, she first left Krystal with her mother and then passed her to a friend before she stepped forward to meet the press.

Soon after, TVB executive Virgina Lok and four other staff members arrived at the airport to pick Shirley up. There were over 30 reporters swarming around at the scene. Covered in black and shades, Shirley clearly gained some weight. The airport staff helped her push a cart full of 5-6 luggage, but unfortunately during a turn around the corner, the luggage toppled over. It was an embarrassing site.

Later, Shirley personally confirmed she had her baby without being married and admitted that her daughter will take her last name, Yeung. However, when speaking of Andy Ng, Shirley's expression changed and she denied to answer. She said: "Hello everyone. Thank you all, I'm back today. Really thank the media, reporters, my family, TVB and Miss Lok for all the concern. I will take good care of my daughter and hope she will have a healthy growth."

Shirley frankly said during this period, her company TVB and friends have really helped her out, then she immediately cut the conversation off: "I won't talk about other things. (Where's your daughter?) She left already." Reporters pursued the questions and asked if Krystal's biological father is Andy Ng? Did she break up with him? Shirley did not answer, but Miss Lok spoke up to encourage her: "Just answer as much as you can." Shirley insisted: "I will not respond." It was said Andy was introduced by her mother. Shirley did not respond to that either and just smiled: "Thank you all. That's about all I need to say, I already said it on Weibo and at TVB. I will not respond to other matters. (Will you ever tell your daughter who her father is?) I will do my best to take good care of her. (What will happen if she asks you in the future?) Worry about that when she gets older." Asked if Krystal is already back in HK? Shirley admitted she already sent her baby girl off through a secret passage. She also expressed Krystal is too young now and can't handle all the camera flashes. When asked if her Krystal will take her last name? She said: "Krystal will go by my last name. (You broke up with the baby's father?) No comment. (Is he Andy Ng?) I'm not going to say. (Do you still keep in touch with Andy?) I'm not going to say. (Won't mention him again in the future?) I won't answer." Miss Lok, who was besides her, told Shirley to listen to her mother and don't be too stubborn. Shirley said she will listen to TVB. Now that she's back in HK, will she contact ex-boyfriend Gregory? She said: "Probably not."

Last night [Oriental Daily] contacted Shirley by phone, feeling unwell, Shirley said with a hoarse voice: "I got the flu. (Is Krystal not feeling well either?) Yeah, we didn't go see the doctor, just at home. (When will you make your comeback?) Take a little break first. Krystal is running a fever after she got back!"

Once Shirley got off her flight, she went to do a Scoop interview. She said her baby was 6.9lbs at birth and she and her mother are currently taking care of her. As a mother for the first time, Shirley expressed she is most nervous when she 'burps' her baby because if not done well, she will get sick. As for her future jobs, Shirley expressed TVB will arrange it. Although Shirley's image has been damaged, it was said her appearance money still remains high at HK$10,000 - HK$12,000.


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