Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hong Kong actor Felix Wong’s daughter enters showbiz

Hong Kong veteran actor Felix Wong Yat-wah's daughter Adrian Wong Tsz Ching recently announced that she would be entering showbiz.

"I'm currently studying design, but I'm interested in modeling and acting," said the 22-year-old at an event a few days ago. Adrian added that despite knowing she is not tall, she still hoped to model in future.

With her father contracted under an upcoming TV station in Hong Kong -- a competitor to broadcast station TVB -- Adrian was asked if she would follow in his footsteps.

The girl let on that she had discussed the matter with her father, but would leave it up to him to make a decision. She said, "We made a dinner appointment with Ricky Wong (owner of the upcoming TV station) previously, but it was cancelled due to work obligations. I'm looking forward to working with my father."

Reporters then probed Adrian on how far she would go to pursue her modeling career. Adrian admitted that she would say no to sexy photos.

"I'm of a different style [from the young models], and my mother wouldn't allow me to. I don't have confidence in my figure, and it's not as good as the young models too. I'll not take on lingerie or swim wear job offers," she said.


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