Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joey Meng to join TVB & partner with Roger Kwok for a comedy series

Lately the artist poaching trend in the TV industry has left TVB actively recruiting artists to join them, including Joey Meng. It was said for a successful attempt to convince Joey to sign with them, TVB especially asked Roger Kwok to partner up with her. Aside from taking the lead actress role, it will allow her to make a breakthrough in her acting. This will be her first time participating in a comedy series.

Back then, Joey Meng became popular after ATV series My Date with a Vampire. Her role 'Ma Siu Ling' revealed her 42-inch long legs became a classic. As she has audience fate, and the acting ability, it was said for many years TVB had been consistently trying to recruit her, but was unsuccessful. It was only until recently, it was understood that TVB executive Virgina Lok personally stepped up taking a confirmed series to Joey and offered her a lead role. A staff revealed that this series is a lighthearted comedy tentatively entitled Cousin, You Are Good, which is also a series that Wong Cho Lam participated in on the production. The series caught Joey's interest because she had never formally done a comedy before, and the story revolves around hot topics in Hong Kong, including pairs of non-pregnant women.


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