Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michael Tse denies affair with Candy Yuen behind his wife

Yesterday a magazine (Oriental Sunday) reported Michael Tse hooked up with 2009 Miss HK 'Miss Photogenic' Candy Yuen. Last year, Michael collaborated with Candy in Lives of Omission, where he successfully won her heart. A few days ago, they were having a meal together at the TVB canteen, and were flirting in public as if no one was around. At one point, Michael event touched Candy's chest, which was a shocker.

Yesterday Michael expressed over the phone: "No such thing. I won't be upset at the Magazine because it's not my first day in this industry. What's more important is if readers believe it. You have to understand that is the canteen at TVB, there are colleagues sitting nearby. Why would I do what the magazine said I did? In fact, that magazine should put more effort into writing their stories and shouldn't be too careless. If the location was a hotel, then the creditability would be much higher. Actually, it was not just the two of us either, there was another person with us."

Michael expressed he met Candy while shooting for Lives of Omission (TN: She played the role 'Ding Man', the triad leader's mistress). They soon realized they had common friends and naturally had more topics to talk about. When asked if this was upsetting to his wife, Tina? Michael laughed: "How so? She saw the report and laughed. She understands the tactics used by the magazines. We have seen a lot of the photos are taken from behind. I don't need to explain too much. I hope this magazine can have more sincerity next time, don't think readers are stupid."

As for Candy, she did not understand why there was such report and she does feel a tad unhappy. "That day, it's been long while since I've seen Michael, so I showed him the pictures I took when I went Korea for shooting of a travel special. We also weren't playing crazily at the canteen, so he didn't bump into my chest. Those [photos] were just a matter of camera angles. Michael was sitting across from me, and I was just taking my camera over to show him. If the report has cause any unhappiness for his wife, I have to say sorry to her."

Candy expressed she's often telling Michael on Weibo that she has no special intention, "He is just an artist that I like since childhood. Perhaps our personalities are similar and we are playful people, so we became good friends. The magazine interviewed me, and said I said Michael touched my entire body. I was just talking about our scenes in Lives of Omission." She expressed she will not maintain her distance in the future, but may find someone to be in between to avoid any misunderstandings. "I went to Australia at age 13, and came back to HK at age 19. My personality is a little westernized, sometimes I would unconsciously lean on people."


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